What is PDFBilt?

About PDFBilt

PDFBILT Cloud is a next-generation cloud application for fully automated splitting, linking, slipsheeting, sharing, document compare, and markup of PDF documents used for construction. The application uses machine learning to automatically split and link multi-sheet pdf documents, including callouts and equipment tags with no human intervention.


“Users who are currently using Bluebeam multi-step (OCR, label, split, link) semi-manual workflows running on their local PCs and laptops, will find 5-10X speed improvement and efficiencies through automatic processing in PDFBilt.  Security teams will sleep better knowing no new software needs to be installed locally to split and link the PDFs and that their documents are stored securely in the cloud,” said Kenesto CEO Mike Payne.


PDFBilt Cloud includes View, Share, Markup, and Measurement tools to allow stakeholders to review, annotate and automatically version pdf documents in a cloud environment. Slipsheeting is fully automated – just select the sheets to be inserted or replaced and PDFBilt figures out where they need to go automatically. Document compare allows automatic pixel-by-pixel comparison of individual sheets to track changes.


Based on Kenesto’s document management solution, PDFBilt Cloud includes unlimited document storage, file versioning, task and workflow management. Pricing starts at $50 USD/month/user (10 users, annual contract).


For more information about Kenesto’s PDFBilt as a Service, please contact us or call +1 781 780 7400.